So I was checking out the sustainer demos on youtube and this system rocks! It's just that $250 is hard to come up with. Does anybody know of a place I can get them cheaper? If not, does anybody have a good link on how to build one? I see some of the pickups on ebay for $100, can't I just build the rest of the kit somehow? I hear of people who made a single coil version that worked, but crapped out on the high b and e, so I think I want a humbucker version. Any input will help. Thanks in advance!
Check out the sustainiac. A lot of people say its better than the fernandez. I have a sustainiac but have never played a fernandez.
I'm sure the sustainiac is also a bit cheaper.
It is only 20 dollars cheaper, but it does seem to have a lot easier installation, so thank you for pointing me in the direction. Does anybody know of a place where I can pick this up used? I checked GC, musicgoround, ebay, and reverb and they only sell full guitars with them.
Ah yes another point i forgot. The installation is easier and i believe the PCB is more compact than the fernandez. Can't help you with where to buy used as i live in the UK.