I tried searching for this error on here and google, and I can't find an answer. My apologies if this threads in the wrong area, I didn't really know where to post it.

Every time I try to upload anything on my profile, I get an error message. It's the same error for everything. Pictures, mp3s, etc. This is the error:

File has NOT been uploaded!

Qstring file doesn't exist

It used to say that now and then but somethings would still upload awhile after I tried uploading them (it would still say that error everytime tho), but now I can't really upload anything. I managed to upload an mp3 today after a few tries though.

I've tried changing the type of file being uploaded, the location of the file, etc.

Anyone know how to fix this?

EDIT: As soon as I posted this, a bunch of the same pictures I tried uploading appeared in my pictures. Does it usually take awhile for your guys' pictures to upload?

... aaaaaand now they're gone again. Haha wth
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It sucks man. I sent a message to UG the day I posted this and I still haven't heard anything back.