I recently purchased a Taylor 214ce acoustic guitar from guitar center. Unfortunately the case which comes with the guitar is a gig bag and I didn't feel as if it would sufficiently protect my invested so I purchased a Roadrunner wooden guitar case. After using this case for a few weeks I don't feel comfortable with my guitar being in it because it is a very loose fit and allows my guitar to have some wiggle room. Also the feel of the case is just overall cheap. I plan on returning this case to guitar center and purchasing a new one, however I cannot find a case tailored to fit my Taylor. Is there anyone who can point me in the proper direction of acoustic guitar hard body cases. My price range is from 1 to 120, but of course there is some wiggle room in that number. I would like to know of a brand of case which protects my guitar well as well as provides a snug fit to my guitar. My guitar is a grand auditorium bodied guitar, which has the same dimensions as the dreadnought body style I believe.

Look at Gator cases.
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