Hi there, so have just found out that me and my friend got through some BBC Best Of Unsigned shows on the radio and have been invited to play a festival on the 30th of May. This is massive for us.

We write/play pop and dance music, and it's just the 2 of us.https://soundcloud.com/olly-gardiner. <That's our stuff. We've only played this stuff acoustically but want to play it as close to this live. It's me on guitar and Olly on vocals and we need this to sound as professional as possible.

We're going to hire a drummer and bassist. For the synth lead/melody, we're allowed to use a backing track. Now this is where I'm kinda a bit of needing advice;

I've done some more research and it seems like the best thing to do is get all the synth files put down on a piece of software panned right feeding to the PA(Not sure yet on what software/hardware yet) and have a click track on it too panned left feeding to the drummer, with using a signal splitter and having the click being sent to the drummers ear and the synth files being sent to the PA system. As long as the drummer doesn't lose time with the click track, it should be fine.

Although it's made me wonder, wouldn't this deem the synth files in mono though when put through the PA? (If you get me) Unless anyones got any idea for good software and hardware)

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I would've posted this in the Bandleading forum as opposed to here in the Pit. :P But I have been wondering about this as well, because it seems like a lot of trouble to have a backing track live, but all the good bands make it seem so easy! (Sorry my post doesn't help at all haha)
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Yes, the synth parts would be in mono.

If you want to keep the synth parts in stereo, the easiest thing you can do is get a cheap mixer which has at least one aux output, and connect your 'synth files' device to one input, and then play the click track from something else into a separate input, and then send only the synth tracks through the main stereo output (to the in-house PA) and play both the synth and click through the aux send to your drummer on the separate output.

The only problem is you'll be hard-pushed to find a cheap mixer that will allow you to send something to both an aux output and the main output, because most cheap mixers don't have mix subgroups/auxes.
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