Whats up all. Happened to come across the band Eye Of The Enemy. Found their new album The Vengeance Paradox. Thought it was pretty good. Never heard of them before. Anyone else ever check them out?
Didnt get many replies on the other forum so I thought closing in on metal might get more . Guess the answer is no. Not too many other people have heard/or care of them either.

I was just surprised to hear something that polished and good on bandcamp and not hear of them before. I'll be checking that site a little more often, thought is was all half assed home recordings and stuff.
Checked their facebook and I guess they're opening for Children of Bodom in austrailia somewhere so maybe they're a little more known there.

Been getting into finding good bands from other countries we dont get exposed to, there was a good thread a little while back, so it just got my curiosity going. Everyone getting so defensive just say, no never heard of them, or, I hate them, etc. was just fishing how well they were known outside my own little United States bubble.
Generic trash; Australia has bands that are far better. Each to their own though

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local Aussie band, seeing them in August with classic old Aussie band - Hobbs Angel of Death, they sound good to me!
Im in love with this ****ing band. Both their first album and second album that you mentioned are simply incredible. The sound quality is amazingly polished and the lyrics, vocals, guitars, drums...everything is just so good! They are metal of the highest quality in my opinion!!
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