i just got a jvm410h today with a 1960A cabinet. i have it correctly set on 16 ohms mono with the cab. I played about and hour and a half earlier today perfectly fine. i came back about 2 hours later and I had it on warmed it up but theres all these crackling sounds and weird noises coming from it. 2 tubes are glowing reallly really red the other 2 are slightly red. it gets super hot. its nerve racking. idk whats wrong. it worked perfectly fine a couple hours ago. i trted playing and the volume changes spontaneously, i got it from musicians friend. im really frustrated. i spent all i had on it and it broken?
Volume fluctuating? Bad power amp tubes, probably. Easy fix, easy to replace. But costly. You can contact Musicians Friend and see what they can do for you.
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Contact them and get another one, you shouldn't have to dish out for new tubes (most likely problem) on a new amp. It's inconvenient, but you'll be fine to get a new one. Don't e-mail them, call them directly and have it arranged.

When you get your new one, you should buy some new tubes anyway as spares, but it should work out of the box.
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Could be bias set way too high on accident.

Quick note, if your tubes glow red, shut off/unplug the amp immediately. Power tubes dying can be vengeful and take other expensive components with them.

Orange glow is normal, blue glow is normal, sometimes you can get some purples which is bad ass, and that's normal. Shouldn't see anything else, I don't think. But red is bad.

Big +1 on buying a matched quad of JJ EL34s. As a tube amp owner, you should always have spare tubes on hand. Get some JJ ECC3s while you're at it, and an ECC803 to try out for fun.
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