Pete Loeffler from the band Chevelle deserves to get a signature model made by PRS.

For those here that may still be interested in pushing for a Pete Loeffler Signature Guitar, please sign our petition.


There is currently no standard production run USA made baritones available via PRS. PRS would be smart to create this model for their USA line. Sure, people have been buying up the Mushoks for great reasons. They're nice guitars for the money, and hell, they're baritones. But, there are customers out there who want a USA - made PRS with baritone scale, and right now, if they want that, they need to shell out thousands to have it custom made for them.

If PRS got behind this, and included Pete in the designs of one; I believe people would buy a Pete Loeffler USA Signature. Hell, if they didn't know who Pete was, or just didn't care - they would still end up buying it simply because it's a baritone.
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I've been sayin that for years. I have a Mushok and my dream guitar is the goldtop custom 24 he plays. If they released a baritone usa model of it I'd pay a stupid amount of money for it
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