I'm looking to purchase a new acoustic guitar. I don't have any local stores to look at any guitars. So trying to choose is pretty difficult.

My budget is somewhere around 1300 $.
I like to play Indie/folk music such as Ben Howard, Mumford and sons, Ed Sheeran Etc.
I want it to be a steel-string acoustic guitar.
The look of the guitar matters quite little to me. There are somethings I do not really appreciate such as a full black colored guitars. I do love the look of faded colored guitar that look aged but it's not a must!
I was looking at Martins but heard that price - quality there are better guitar, that you're basically paying for the brand.

I know the only way to really know if a guitar fits my taste is to try it myself however it is rather difficult given the circumstances that I live miles away from any guitar shop.

Thanks in advance!

Edit* I should also mention I've been playing guitar for 5 years with lessons. Mostly electric guitar simply due to the fact that my nylon guitar I have at the moment is a terrible guitar. It was just something cheap I bought to get started! Also being able to plug into a amp will also be appreciated but not a must either just an extra!
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that's a tall order you have for us. i dont know what size guitars m & s or BH play but, Ed does tend to like the smaller bodied guitars. those are great for finger picking and Ed does seem to be able to pull off some impressive strumming for such a small instrument but he is a bit more practiced than most of us.
first question for you would be " where do you live?". a $1300 guitar to me may be a $3000 guitar to you.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
You can get a sort of stinging, brittle, staccato type of attack like Mumford& Sons using light brass strings on pretty much any decent solid top instrument,

80/20 alloy brass is bright and fairly cold sounding, and the lighter bass strings of a custom light set, won't overdrive the sound board of even a dreadnought.

My point being is to not sweat the exact brand or size of instrument being played by those you would emulate, but rather the overall attack and style.

Those different players are likely using different instruments than each other anyway. Then too, a lot of production work in the studio, and the recording process itself, alters the sound of an instrument anyway.

So, if you don't have $1200.00, (or more), dollars to spend, don't sweat it. Buy something decent to learn with, and enjoy.
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