RARE! Complete TrueFire University - Lessons with Video, Bonus DVD's, 100's of Jam Tracks, PDF's and MORE! Mint Condition, all fully working. With cases.

I was a Charter Member of TFU, a series that would send Computer CD's every month for 20.00 a month. I have every CD produced from 1.1 to 7.6 Plus lots of Bonus CD's

Do the math and you can see I paid over $1,400.00, for these over many years.

There are almost 75 individual disks, to this rare collection.

I'm open to trade offers and cash offers.

True Fire is well known and these were only available to charter members way back when True Fire first started, and these are NOT the same videos they sell on their site, in their series. These were TFU Student videos and I've never seen any of these for sale anywhere. Whether in a complete collection or otherwise, mainly because, well, you do the math. They aren't cheap, and they are only going to go up in value.

Below is just a partial description of whats jam packed in each one, but there's a LOT more; just do the research and you can find all the one of a kind bonus stuff they'd stuff into these! Generally there were about 8-10 lessons per disk fully broken down, and supported with practice tracks, the ability to loops sections etc, common to TrueFire courses. If you've priced any TFU course, you know they aren't cheap and have high quality production and teaching concepts that many people regard as some of the innovative and creative out there.


1.1 Blues licks from BB King to SRV to Johnny Lee Hooker

1.2 Lots of licks in the style of Eric Johnson to Billy Gibbons

1.3 Jazz master Robert Conti, Gypsy Jazz, and Keith Richards' "Brown Sugar" to name a few

1.4 Robert Conti's Jazzed Up White Christmas, Jimi Hendrix, and Jimmy Thackery

1.5 Jazzed Blues, Funk, Jimi, and Bossa Nova by Pete Huttlinger

1.6 Eric Sardinas slide Pulloffs, Robin Ford, and Chord Melody Classics

1.7 Improv Theory, Common Tone Improvisation, Cerebral Improvisation

1.8 Memphis Grooves, Kenny Burrel Comping, Curtis Mayfield, Lenny Breau

1.9 Improvisation A la Mode - Massive overview on Modes Part 1 Ionian through Phrygian

1.10 Improvisation a la Mode Part 2

Improvisational Tool Kit - Standalone CD with 20 Jam Tracks to apply your skills to


2.1 Improvisation A la Mode Part 3

2.2 Improvisation a la Mode Part 4 - Octaves, Pentatonics, Major forms, and Progressions

2.3 Tonal bliss - Getting the right tones for various styles in detail

2.4 Improvisation a la mode Part 5 - Application of parts 1-4

2.5 Shuffles, Slide and Jazzed up blues

2.6 Rhythmology - Funk, Rock, Blues, Pop and Jazz patterns with full backing tracks

2.7 Solos - Applying solo ideas to 2.6 for all styles covered.

2.8 Rhythmology Part 2 - More Rock, Blues Jazz and Latin Patterns

2.9 Solos Part 2 - Solos aplied to Rhythmology Part 2

2.10 Blues Smorgasbord - Minor Blues, NY Blues, Rock Blues, and a David Hamburger Blues

BONUS 1 - SRV, Monte Montgomery, EJ, and Country Pedal Steel licks

BONUS 2 - Texas Blues, Delta, Diminished, Joe Pass and Buddy Guy


3.1 Rhythmology Part 3 - Country Twang, Rock, Blues, Funk and Acoustic

3.2 Soloing Counterpart to Rhythmology Part 3

3.3 Massive Chordal Scale Course - Intervals to Quartals to Inversions.

3.4 Caged PLUS - Major and Minor approaches, with applicatons

3.5 Jeff Scheetz Rock Tricks 20 Lesson Series

3.6 Caged PLUS 2 - Developing licks, and rhythm parts, applying CAGED Plus

3.7 Entire study on Turnarounds in different forms techniques, and styles.

3.8 Entire study on the Major Blues style in the styles of Larry Carlton, Robben Ford etc

3.9 Entire study on Minor Blues

3.10 Devoted to blues techniques and busting out of pentatonic ruts in solos.


4.1 Devoted to the study of Dominant (Mixolydian) Blues

4.2 Dominant Blues part 2 and using the Diminished Chords - whole half tone scale soloing

4.3 Devoted to the study of Jazz Blues

4.4 In Depth study on soloing over a minor blues

4.5 Rhythmic Grooves with 16ths and funk and blues in straight and shuffles

4.6 Rhythmic Grooves Part 2 - 1 Ring, 3 Dead Building Blocks

4.7 Rhythmic Grooves Part 3 Comping and percussion and thinking like a keyboardist

4.8 Twang - Devoted to studies of Gatton, Hiland, Flacke and Will Ray

4.9 Twangathon - Cascades, Chick'n Pick'n, and more lick techniques

4.10 Groove Builder - Performances to illustrate the lessons in 4.5-4.7


1. Smooth Jazz 1

2. Smooth Jazz 2


BC's Groove Box - 100 Practice Jams and Vamps


JAMBOX - 100 Blues Practice Jams


5.1 Rut Busters. Lots of ideas to break out of soloing and playing ruts. Fantastic

5.2 40 Years of Timeless Tips to Supercharge your guitar playing from GP Magazine Part 1

5.3 40 Years of Timeless Tips to Supercharge your guitar playing from GP Magazine Part 2

5.4 Play like Duane Allman - Dedicated to the study and style and techniques

5.5 Keep it Funky - Dedicated to the exploration of Mike Scott R&B and Funk Ace

5.6 Groove Builder Part 2 - How to construct a tune from the ground up

5.7 Groove Builder Part 3 - Drum Foundation and rhythmic and harmonic understanding

5.8 Dedicated to Essential Techniques from muting to hybrid picking

5.9 Essential Techniques 2

5.10 The study of melodic patterns from a simple Major Arpeggio


6.1 Melodic Patterns Part 2

6.2 Melodic Patterns Part 3

6.3 Devoted to the study of Jeff Beck

6.4 Devoted to the study of Robin Trower

6.5 Vertical soloing using arpeggios, pentatonics and modal improvisation

6.6 Vertical Soloing Part 2

6.7 Diatonic Progressions and playing over them

6.8 Caged Dominant, and b3 to 3 moves to make them come "alive"

6.9 Caged Dominant Part 2

6.10 Devoted to the study of Wes Montgomery


7.1 Devoted to the study of Eric Johnson

7.2 The complete guide to the Boogie Woogie

7.3 The complete guide to the Boogie Woogie Part 2

7.4 The Complete Guide to the Boogie Woogie Part 3

7.5 The Complete Study of add 9 Chords and Arpeggios

7.6 The Complete Study of add 9 Arpeggios Part 2


The 135 Lesson Series from the early days of Notes on Call a 30 Month long program. On 6 CD's wth MP3, PDF and Power Tabs/Guitar Pro.

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