Hi everybody, let me introduce myself. I am about 17 years old and I've been playing guitar for about 3-4 years. I think that I'm not bad, I play different things, even these faster solos. But now, there is my problem. After doing some study I noticed that all of my relatives have got really big and not-so-long fingers. Even now, my fingers compared to my friends' are thicker and little shorter. Now, I know that's inevitable and it will happen to me for sure to have fingers like this. So, does size really matter? I don't want to quit my beloved hobby and years of fun and practice.
And the second question which suits category of this thread better. Are there any good excercises for improving finger distance? In fact, I can stretch my fingers pretty well and I haven't got any problems with distance except that my ring finger have always been faced a little to the middle ring direction. It's nothing serious at all, but it really annoys me.
Thanks for any help.
1. No, finger length and/or thickness doesn't matter. There are players with long fingers/big hands that play well and there are people with short fingers/small hands that play well.



2. There are a few that you could try, but i would not practice them too much, your time is better spent practicing actual music. But here is one i used in the past, just keep in mind to start high on the guitar, at a place where you can do it with ease, and then gradually move towards the nut. It's not a race, it will take you a while before you can do it all over the neck. Just remember to relax and be patient. I think there is a few in the sticky with exercises aswell that are specifically for stretches.

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+1 on Gilbert-Romeo comparison. Gilbert has four middle fingers and Romeo has elongated toes for fingers. Both shred very well.
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