Not really my style of music, like your other tracks too it's reassuring to see high quality productions coming from ableton live and knowing it's possible for me to do too!
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I liked this track quite a bit. The beginning is really nice and reminds me of the XX. I'm not sure how I feel about the part that comes in at :48 though. It seems to stand out a bit too much?

The mix was well done and I liked the break between sections.

Just out of curiosity, which parts were cut up from pre-existing audio and which parts did you play/write?

Also, if you could listen to my song and give a comment or two I'd appreciate it


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I wrote all the parts for this; all the audio parts that are cut up are MIDI tracks that "recorded" to audio. For the keyboard part that cuts in and out, for example, I put as many different effects as possible on it to create as much noise as possible (delays, flangers, distortions, reverbs, et cetera), then compressed the hell out of it to bring up the noise floor. I then made that into audio that I could sample and manipulate.

I agree that the synth lead at :48 didn't sit well in the mix. I cut some of the treble from it, and reinforced it with some tracks with faster attack; I think it sounds a lot better now.
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Really great texture for this. It blends well, That piano is a little too distorted though but otherwise great track I can jam with it. How did u record the guitars for this?
There's no actual guitars in this; they're all MIDI instruments, or at least were when I started messing with them.
Thank you for the review! Now your tune: cool intro! At 1:00, and later, some of the synths are a little too distorted for my taste, but I'm sensitive to that sort of thing. At 2:15, it sure sounds like guitar. I like the beat-sync filter synth thing. Cool song!
A lot of instruments end up sounding like guitars when you put distortion on them. I think the part at 2:15 was done by an acoustic piano synth being run through a guitar amp sim.

The "beat-sync filter synth" was actually something I did by recording the MIDI to audio, then cutting up the pieces of audio on the timeline manually, by highlighting and deleting parts to make it cut out.
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The melody at :48 just sounds like scale practice. I don't think the flute-esque sound blends well.

Things start to sound really oriental......Not really where it seems like the track was going.

What's up with the volume drop at 2:00?

I feel like out of three in your signature this track is the weakest. I would definitely try rearranging it and maybe making the guitar stand out a bit more at the 2:00 mark.
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As I go:
Liking the intro quite a lot. Nice and mood-setting. Percussions are nice. The 0:48 part sounds completely natural, so I don't agree with what has been said before. It's nice that it feels like it's building layers upon layers; reminding me of my old Boss looper. Very lush around 1:30, and I like the breaks in the sound few seconds later. The guitars are very nice for not being actual guitars, but are quite noisy as well. Loving the beat.

Additional thoughts after a few listens:
Low end creating some annoying overtones around 1:30. Apart from that, I have no serious nitpickings. Very nice track all in all!

I stole your idea and put my recent songs in my sig. Feel free to have a listen to anything you might not have heard. I'll C4C of course.
I really like this man. The mixing was really good, I loved all the sounds popping in and out, it sounds great! I can tell you put lot of work into this. Good job, keep it up man.
Loved the intro. I don't listen to a lot of electronic music, and this sounded really nice. Like the composition too, it's almost like a progressive rock instrumental with a twist. Good job!

Really enjoyed this track. Started off mellow and chill and ambient-what i was expecting. The change at 1:24 was rlly good....the subtle effects you added give it tremendous atmosphere. Damn, right after that the chopped up piano parts sound dope AF. While nothing really shocking or 'interesting' happens that throws you off, this track is great to chill to and shut your brain off for a few minutes. Your using Ableton right? One of my friends just got it, and its a really weird transition to that setup after being really used to Logic Pro :p