Hi everyone! So i am posting via soundcloud my Stoner Metal Band's EP "Gods of Space" which I recorded, mixed and Mastered. First of all we did live tracking through Pro Tools HD and a Mackie Onyx 24 channel desk. We over dubbed our guitars and vocals.
As for production, as i said, we live tracked with two sm81's over the drums and sm57's on all the other drums. Out Bass was DI'ed then reamped.
Our guitars we also tracked live, but we overdubbed--all done with sm57s and audio technica 2020's
Our vocals were done with the AT 2020 and another large capsule condenser mic.
As for Post-Production, we had a terrible time with drums because our drummer didn't take the pillow out of his kick( my fault as a stupid engineer!) so we used lots of parallel compression to make the rest of them cut through in our limited time. I notched the kick at 80hz to get some life from it and notched out the 80hz from our bass guitar.
The bass was two tracks hyper compressed, like a 10:1 ratio. we had the re-amp and the DI with a subtle low pass and a boost at 5khz on some tracks to make it punch a bit more.
As for the guitars we low passed them and cut 1khz to get a nice full stack sound from our combos. along with some 4:1 compression.
Vocals were all re tracked right before mastering and have a 4:1 compression ratio. Most of them have some form of delay and of course some verb to fatten them up. One track has a slow sweeping Flange on it if you listen close.
Our master process was just slamming the master from Pro Tools to Tape ;D
Honestly, I feel it could use some more low mid cutting as it sounds muddy imo.
Enjoy and critic it! I want that what can be better crit!!!!
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