I don't gig, or not yet, but have the opportunity to play along with some more experienced musicians at a frat house party environment. I don't have a lot of info, other than an e-mail saying to "bring your gear."

Well, now that the moment is here, I'm starting to think I made some poor decisions in buying my gear, if I'm too worried to take the good stuff with me...

I've got a 2002 PRS McCarty "10 Top" that may be worth around $1500. It's pretty flawless, and I'd hate to see it get it's first real battle scars at my first gig. I have the same problem with my only high-wattage amp, a minty Mesa Boogie Express 5:50 with the rarer 2x12 speaker set up & rarer tan tween grille. The tan grille and gold in the controls and flawless black leather covering makes it some real eye candy.

Anyway, I see three options:
1. Get over it, accept that my gear might get worn out if I use it, that's what happens, don't sweat it so long as it still sounds good.
2. Get second set of worn / player's gear that I can take to gigs without worrying about cosmetics.
3. Sell my "pretty" gear and get worn / player's gear that I won't worry about getting scars.

I'm leaning toward #3, but I"m curious if other guitarists have faced this issue, and what they decided.


PS - If your wondering, I was not even going out of my way to buy stuff for looks rather than quality/tone. But I was looking for stuff that would have good resale value and was a good investment (so I could flip it without losing money if I decided it was not for me) and these items came along and fit the bill.
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It really depends on how rowdy the frat party is going to be.
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I sure wouldn't take anything nice to a "frat house party " gig ..... no nice gear around a bunch of young un-experienced drinkers
I'd immediately scratch #1 & #3 off the list.

You've got some really sweet gear. Frat party = big negative. Keep your stuff safe and enjoyable for decades. Nothing wrong with having a mint sports car that stays in the garage until nice weather arrives.

Keep your gear and enjoy it....selling it just to buy some battle-worthy stuff seems ludicrous, too.

Shop around the used market and ADD another axe & amp that plays good and wouldn't crush you if a ding or two occurred. Epiphone....Squier.....ESP Ltd.......etc.
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Option 2 is your ticket, you don't need fantastic stiff for a frat party either, they sure wont know the difference.
I would tend to agree with the other replies.

No need to carry 10 tops and rare Mesa gear to a frat house to "kick it." Who knows what idiocy may happen there. You might walk outside and some dolt runs out the back door with your PRS or any number of ******ed things could happen.

Buy an SE and a cheap amp and toss pedals in front of clean channel or what not if you have to.
Well; I wouldn't take a rare and valuable vintage instrument to just any gig (assuming I owned such an instrument), but I always take the best gear I've got because it sounds and plays better than most of the less expensive stuff.
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Normally I would say "If it doesn't take regular road wear abuse it isn't worth playing." But a frat party? Really? A broken neck is not regular abuse. Don't even bother.
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You could always bring along a very large Pit Bull Terrier to keep the fools away from the band' stage area. That should protect your gear.

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Imo, f*ck taking your 10 top, that's just asking for trouble..as others suggested, get a beater to gig with. But i'd probably still consider taking the mesa, just make sure I keep people as far from is as possible, plus pack it away tight in corner or something, where nobody will go. Or leave it concealed in the car maybe.
Personally, I don't mind bringing the good stuff out for gigs. In the end a big part of the reason I bought all the good stuff I have was that I wanted to use it for gigging. Taking good stuff to gigs doesn't mean that your gear will end up looking like the heavy relic stuff the custom shops roll out, as long as you're careful you can keep your gear looking pristine.
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Quote by constructbot
Personally, I don't mind bringing the good stuff out for gigs. In the end a big part of the reason I bought all the good stuff I have was that I wanted to use it for gigging. Taking good stuff to gigs doesn't mean that your gear will end up looking like the heavy relic stuff the custom shops roll out, as long as you're careful you can keep your gear looking pristine.

I don't really know that this could be classified as a gig
I have a PRS SE which I bring to most rehearsals and gigs. I pretty much hate that guitar, which makes it suitable for the purpose.

Thinking of selling it, but then I would be left with only good guitars.
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I've taken my RG270 and Les Paul to friends' houses. (Never gigged before.) I can't imagine taking my Strat anywhere, though. Even though it's just an American Standard Strat, if that guitar were to take any kind of beating, I'd never forgive myself. That guitar has more sentimental value to me than money can buy.
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I've done a bunch of frat parties and I've played a whole lot of dive bar gigs. I have two "bar guitars", roughly $200 each worth of used/B Stock LP style guitars that actually sound and play just great, but that aren't irreplaceable if drenched in beer, sweat or other bodily fluids, and that can be fairly easily replaced. I do NOT take the good stuff to most gigs, period, but those particular venues are like dangling your gear, suspended by braided toenail clippings, over a running wood chipper.

Honestly, if the invitation was "bring your gear" my answer would be no. Maybe even a "hell no."

I lived one house down from a frat for a while. In fact, I lived in a BACK house. When I went to bed, the fret party was in full swing. When I woke up, the horizontal surfaces (lawn, driveway) were carpeted with beer cans, from the the intersection a house away to the frat house and beyond. Mixed in were the cable ties that the police use when they're arresting so many people they don't have handcuffs enough to go around. Apparently people who were simply driving by on the street decided to join the party. The guys came around later, apologized and started cleaning up. All was well, but I guarantee you that those cable ties indicate that the party was NOT well in hand.
it depends where. the shittier the neighborhood and the later at night goes the cheaper stuff i bring. i have a few guitars that aren't ever going to see a gig, a few are rare and mint, but if its a good place i will bring what in the mood to play. i make sure during breaks that i put the guitar in the HSC and bring it over by my friends. if its a shitty place, i will bring a '95 MIM strat ($175 into it) and not worry about it.

but play what you feel comfortable.

also if i am gigging somewhere that is unfamiliar i am more careful.

most places i go for a while (I was a every other week at a decent bar) i relax and will bring gibsons out and better amps.
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