I've gone through a couple necks on my Reli-Tele I'm putting together because I hated the neck that came with it and unforeseen crap that a seller on eBay didn't disclose. Unfortunately I didn't get around to working on it until about 6 months after I bought the neck on eBay...so buyer protection was out of the realm of possibility. So after loosing money on the used neck I took a chance and bought a neck from edarenus. It was $29 and free shipping, I know I know. It was the best looking Chinese neck on there and for the money I figured I could deal with some BS. I was fine with some nicks from shipping damage it is a "Relic" after all. I wasn't cool with indentation in a 2 inch area on the skunk stripe creating two 1/16 of an inch sharp edges. I wasn't cool with it only having 8mm tuning peg holes instead of the advertised 10mm holes. Or the fact that it was 21 frets instead of 22 like I ordered! And imported Canadian Maple my ass, this thing feels like pine. AAAAANNNNNDDDD the heel is too small for the neck pocket. It has A LOT of wiggle room. So lesson learned, you get what you paid for. I drove 100 miles one way after work today to pick up a Left Handed Brown Sunburst Squire Strat for $50 off of CL. I think the 4th time's a charm. It has a nice fat CBS profile, but it's rosewood I've been trying to get a maple neck, Hell the first 3 were after all...except for the Chinese one it feels more like Balsa. eBay couldn't do anything until I shipped it back (that wasn't happening). But I did report them for some how contacting me through my email, outside of eBay. In the end after fighting with them for 2 weeks I got a $10 refund...Yippy. So if you're poor like me and need to complete a build on a budget track down a Squire. If you have the cabbage get a Mighty Might.