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I've been a reader here for a while, first post, and I was looking to find a nice tube amp I can use in my apartment when I don't feel like using my headphones, and I have been looking at the Blackstar HT-1, possibly the HT-5 (for the footswitch and actual EQ, but not sure how much higher that would spike the decibels put out and get me evicted). Was looking for people's input/experience.

Budget: 500-ish

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piss on the neighbors get a triple rec!!!

seriously tho

i found the blackstars to sound a bit thin but they are a great option for ya. here is a list off the top of my head
1. randall diavlo 1,5,or 20. fantastic amps
2. the blackstars you mentioned would suit you fine even though they arent "all tube"
3. take a look at the new micro valve king. they are supposed to be "revoiced"
4. jet city 22h
5. hughes and kettner tubemeister 5 might be worth a look too.
6. vht special 6

use your hd 500 in the 4cm and control the overall output with it. it should allow you to get decent tones at a very quiet level. but all tube amps are loud as hell bud.
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Check out the Randall RM20. I know there's a George Lynch module (and many more) and I get some really good tone outta mine at apartment friendly levels. I think they came stock with a greenback too.
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You want tube? That rules out the Blackstar HT models.

You have a Pod HD 500X. You already have what you need.
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