It arrived last night, but finally getting the chance to do a full review now. I own a Suhr Modern and it's one of my favorite axes. I heard the hype about these, how they're basically 95% as good, etc...and wanting a backup to take to some of my less-than-fancy gigs, I bit the bullet when I spotted a mint used one.

The deal with these is they're built in China, then shipped to Suhr's USA factory where they're disassembled, the necks are plek'd, and final adjustments/tweaks are done there. The story with these according to John Suhr is that the ones that did go out were perfect, but there were many that didn't because they didn't hold up to his strict standards...and so the line was discontinued.

The verdict: it's all true. This guitar is amazing, and I can give it my highest recommendation as a "real Suhr" owner. My Suhr has a beautiful top, stainless frets, and locking tuners...but that's where the differences really end. The fit and finish of the Rasmus is flawless, the fretwork is impeccable, the Suhr USA electronics sound as good as the ones in my Modern, and the tuning stability is wonderful. It really is exactly what JS said it is.

Here are some photos. And for those on the fence, or unsure...if you spot one, get it. If you don't want to spend $1800+ on a Suhr, or want a backup like I did, this gets absurdly close for an amazing price.

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HNGD! Pretty hot color, too.
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Thanks! Always had a thing for candy apple red. Suhr always pisses me off because I have all these mods planned, then I get the guitar and it's perfect stock and I don't wanna change a thing. So I end up with loose Bareknuckle pickups lying around...
Custom guitars, vintage amps, boutique pedals. Blah, blah, blah.
excellent they were blowing these out over here a while back. didn't risk it
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excellent they were blowing these out over here a while back. didn't risk it

I'll buy another if i ever come across a deal like this again. I played it for 5 hours today and I can honestly say that if it had stainless frets it would be indistinguishable from my Suhr Modern. I was concerned but I'm really glad I jumped on it.
Custom guitars, vintage amps, boutique pedals. Blah, blah, blah.