Hey guys - big time lurker never really posted on here before,

Looking at buying an SG standard limited 2011 model, I want to know if its the baked maple or one of the earlier rosewood boards. But I'm no pro in doing that, looks like maple to me though.

its never been played (or hardly anyways) and I can get it for a $1000 australian (American's note thats a pretty good price over here)

Please note, i don't have any grudges against baked maple, I have previously owned a Les Paul Classic (MM - sick colour) but the seller doesn't know and its a few hundred km away to have a quick look.


Tough to be 100% sure from the pictures (a clear closeup of the grain would be great) but it looks like baked maple to me too. That model/year combo certainly suggests it as well.
The Baked Maple was introduced in 2011. You can send Gibson an e-mail with the serial number of your guitar and they can tell you for sure. Gibson has gone from Baked Maple to Katalox and back to Rosewood in a very short period of time, so it is hard to keep track of what they used and when - at least, since the raids.
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yeah fair enough, I don't mind the baked maple at all in the end, but I have seen an SG standard limited in the rosewood and the darker board looks amazing... might have to splash some oil on it if I end up getting it.

Now they have some new stuff as well, granadillo or something? can't spell it lol
I think you mean Grenadilla wood. It is not usually found on guitars, but since the EPA has it out for Gibson, they are trying new things. Grenadilla is commonly known as African Blackwood, and is similar in some ways to ebony. It is frequently used for making high-quality clarinets.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
yep thats the one, I looked at one of the New Les Paul Signature T's, felt alright, but i've never had an SG before and i'm all for trying new guitars, had a strat, a PRS 25th anniversary SAS, two Les Pauls (one ep, one gib) so I'm going to give the SG a run.

On the cheaper SG's i notice the neck was quite sharp where the frets meet the edge of the wood. Standard was much better, but never as good as my LP or PRS.
The final fret dressing is pretty labor intensive, so that is one place where the manufacturers try to cut costs to keep the prices down. Sadly, the buyer usually ends up having to have his local guitar tech do a proper fret dress so that the guitar plays properly, and as a result, the buyer doesn't save any money in the long run.
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
Quote by joshtammi
On the cheaper SG's i notice the neck was quite sharp where the frets meet the edge of the wood. Standard was much better, but never as good as my LP or PRS.

Fretwork on unbound Gibson necks is often just awful. Epiphone does a much better job on $400 guitars than Gibson does on $1,000 guitars.
There was NO baked maple in 2011 at Gibson IIRC
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Baked maple is awesome.
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i got him to send me some better pics of the board, i'd say maple for sure, the pores of the wood was almost non-existent, irrelevant yes, a very nice guitar and I can safely say I bought it, picking it up tomorrow

Was made in last quarter of 2011 (Nov 28) so it could be one of the first baked maple boards actually. Ill hit it with conditioner anyways to give it a nice dark tone to match the aged cherry!

I quite liked the baked maple on my LP, but I'm curious to see whether it gives a bit too much snappiness on the SG. very excited !!
I don't have a clue......other than to say that is one sweet looking SG.
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Rosewood often has a lot pores, maple is often much smoother. That might give it away, but it's not necessarily the absolute way of telling if it is rosewood or maple. I'd have to say, it looks very nice judging from the pictures. Enjoy your new guitar!
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