So I bought a TC Electronics Corona chorus pedal a few months back, and its great, but now it ends up killing the signal. It takes the signal from 100% volume, to like 10% volume, and when I nudge (read: kick) the pedal, the signal comes back.

I'm assuming theres a loose connection somewhere in there? Its weird though because its only been used occasionally for indoor jams. I figured the QC would have been better from TC. I'm 99% sure it just happened from using it.

Does anybody know if this is a problem with other Corona's, or with TC products in general? I knew the switches were iffy, but its something on the inside. I haven't taken it apart to look at it yet, but I'd like to have something to look for when I do.


Sorry if the post is fragmented/not very cohesive. Its late and its a frustrating problem.
This post may contain my opinion and/or inaccurate information.

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can you send it back?

if not i would look into the switch.

try with:

different amp
diferent cables
different guitars
diferent rooms
try battery and adapter
different battery.

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The most likely (and basically the only readily fixable) possibility within the pedal (so after you've tried the above stuff) is just a dirty or loose input/output jack. You can pop them open and tighten them (depending on what type they are - on some you can just bend the metal contact forward a bit to make it tighter). Other than that, a Q-tip with some electronic cleaner rubbed into the jacks should clean them out.

It's worrisome on a fairly new pedal, though. Not usually enough time to get dirty and IIRC TC uses the closed housing jacks that shouldn't really lose tension like that. If you can return it I would do that.
Sounds just like a faulty switch, this has happened to so many of my pedals and it's really annoying. To check if it is try pressing the switch very slowly and there should be points where it cuts in and out.

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