Hello folks. So i watch Twitch quite a lot. I like watching people speedrun my childhood games in a time i tought was impossible.

I like to watch.

- CosmoWright
- EnNopp112

And Robbaz. Who is just a funny swede.

Who do you watch?
Twitch plays pokemon

Praise helix
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rurikar22/pokemnrob FTW!

also, I remember I saw twitch plays pokemon on its 2nd day and they tried to learn the hm cut for over 5 hours
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I watch competitive League of Legends from time to time.

I also have my own Twitch stream.
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90% of the time when i'm on the computer (which is all the time) i have twitch open on my other monitor. Generally i watch Dota 2 pro matches and i like to watch people speedrunning zelda and dark souls. I'm watching a Dark Souls 2 stream right now
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I never really watched Twitch much, but I got into it after watching AGDQ this year. Now I watch/listen to speedruns quite often. I usually watch Elajjaz (Dark Souls), Snarfybobo (Super Mario Sunshine and Galaxy) and Cosmo (Zelda) when they're on.
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Not really, but if I'm bored enough I'll watch Brownman or whatever the hell Ray from Rooster Teeth's name is on there.

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Twitch plays pokemon

Praise helix


I mainly watch DotA and Strippin and sometimes I just watch random ones because I feel like it.
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The only streams I ever really watch are SuperMCGamer, RoosterTeethRay, and ProJared.
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I like to watch.

- CosmoWright

Ayyyy. Cosmo is the bomb. Only other speedrunner I watch is spudlyman who runs Spyro 2. Usually watch the competitive CoD streams on Twitch as well.
I cast/stream a bit. I stream from my laptop and its pretty shit but have a gigantic 270 followers. Haven't casted lately because I'm actually in the big thing being casted currently so ya know.
On late night with cry and russ my name's (stratkat) has been mentioned once or twice, they've both used my music for something, and russ once said on air that my chiptunes are his favorite:3

Other than that no one, my friends and I stream once weekly.

On livestream I sometimes stream myself composing music.
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this is the first thing i thought of when i read the thread title. I have a little sister, don't judge me lol.
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