Apologies if i've posted this in the wrong section but I am looking for a bass amp & Cab that would work well with a guitar running through it. I plan to split my signal via the Electro Harmonix Micro Pog, sending the dry signal to my Orang AD30 and the octave down to a Bass amp to create a full sound for a two piece blues rock duo. Budget of around £200-£400. Any help/ideas/suggestions would be much appreciated.
I often run my guitars with mild overdrive in my 4x10 Trace Elliot Bass combo that I got used for 500$CAD (made in the 80's), loud enough for a gig.

Also, the biggest Roland cube for bass might be cheap and of practical use for you, but I never tried them.
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Since you are in the U.K., some of the brands available on this side of the pond might not be available there; or they might cost an arm and a leg. For what you want to do, and given your budget, take a look at the TC Electronics BG250-112 combo. TC Electronics makes very good stuff, and this combo should be well suited to what you want to do:

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