Hey Everyone,

Firstly id like to say a big thanks to everyone here, iv'e learnt a lot and just got my Audio technica ath m50's (as per your recommendation) and their amazing!

Ive been working on a heavy rock track and i was wondering if anyone would like to add drums to it? I don't have the means to record them yet myself but i want to start mixing whole bands. Once drums are down ill mix the drums and guitars then add bass.

This will be abit like an online collaboration and hopefully we can get some great stuff put together!

Anyone up for this pm me your email and ill send you the guitar stem tracks!

Many Thanks.

Collabs here I havent had much luck with, just go to kompoz.com instead. they are better and more friendly with collabs. imo
It would be fairly easy for you to provide a midi track and for someone to provide the results of a drum machine playing that midi track.

I would offer but I'm in the middle of University exams.
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