Hey guys/gals. I've been trying to learn the Live version of Led Zeppelins Trampled Underfoot for a long while and I'm totally stuck on this one part. The part I need help with is at 4:10 and persists for about 10 seconds. Its a rather intricate and fast passed solo, so I'm struggling a lot to pick out what notes are where and what not. Any help would be great, even just telling me what notes are played or telling me what scale he's using would help. I could then slowly piece it together myself. Video link below. Thanks for your time. Cheers.


At first I thought you might've been joking, *edit: (assuming you were able to play all pages lines up to that point)*, but then I remembered (many moons ago) how for some damn reason, simple pentatonic things used to scratch my ears around also, so I guess can relate to your querry and that's the reason I thort I'd try help b'coz I don't really know or care for the song much.

On an interesting note though, if you are a Led Zep fan:
Ya might wanna check this shit out:
Just a little interesting hey?!!

Key:	QB: Qrtr Bend 
	HB: Half Bend
	FB: Full Bend

NB: 	Bar lines are just to help break the solo up
	to hopefully make it easier to follow my Tab.

Also:	Keeping in mind that due to being played live,
	some notes & bends are a little proud and uneven.

Scale:	Basic Pentatonic (Fm). 

e |-------------------------------------|-
B |-----------14-(HB thingy 3 times)-14-|-
G |-12-12-12--14-(HB thingy 3 times)-14-|-
D |-------------------------------------|-
A |-------------------------------------|-
E |-------------------------------------|-

e |----------------|-------------13-|-13-------------|-
B |-x-11--------13-|-13-------13----|----------13-15-|-
G |-x----15(QB)----|----15-FB-------|----15-FB-------|-
D |----------------|----------------|----------------|-
A |----------------|----------------|----------------|-
E |----------------|----------------|----------------|-

e |----13----------|----------|-------------|-------13-15-|-
B |-13----------13-|-13----13-|-13----13-13-|-13----------|-
G |-------15-FB----|-15-FB----|-15-FB-------|-15-FB-------|-
D |----------------|----------|-------------|-------------|-
A |----------------|----------|-------------|-------------|-
E |----------------|----------|-------------|-------------|-

e |-13-------------|-------13-|----------13-|----------13--15-|-
B |----13----13-13-|-13----13-|-------13----|-------13--------|-
G |----15-FB-------|-15-FB----|-15-FB-------|-15-FB-----------|-
D |----------------|----------|-------------|-----------------|-
A |----------------|----------|-------------|-----------------|-
E |----------------|----------|-------------|-----------------|-

e |-------13------|----------13------|-
B |----------16---|-------13----16---|- ... and so on...
G |-15-FB---------|-15-FB------------|-
D |---------------|------------------|-
A |---------------|------------------|-
E |---------------|------------------|-
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