So here's my band's EP. We recorded and mixed ourselves with none of the right equipment, no budget, and zero clue what we were doing. Just wanted to set that expectation so we're clear on the quality and mix stuff right off the bat.
Mostly recorded so we can book shows around town. We have some more intricate and perhaps interesting stuff but it proved very difficult to record on our own.

Feedback on music, lyrics, etc are all appreciated. If you think it's worth telling me how I could not be horrid at mixing I'm happy to listen but "learn to mix"is probably the solution there.


Thanks for your time.
I'm happy to C4C, I will try to be reasonable in my response time. I don't know that my opinions will be founded in enough technical ability to be worth much though.
"Veld": This reminds me of the Beatles actually. Playing could be tighter, but the song itself is good. Audio quality is not that bad. If you could get the timing better (maybe play to a click track, metronome, drum software, that you could mute later if you wish), it could be pretty cool. Please review my music at this link (first song is mostly synths with some guitar, second song has more guitars):