Here's a short, fast one. It's supposed to be belligerent to the point of chest-beating. More of a "That riff sounds like you're supposed to be kicking someone's ass" feel when we wrote the guitar parts so I did my best to put that in lyrical form. Not too sure on an actual title for it yet! Thanks for reading!

"Axe to Grind"

I’ll have you pissin’ in a bedpan.
I’ll knock you on your ass.
I’m gonna hit you ’til you can’t stand.
I’m gonna make this last.
I’m the scream rippin’ through your skull.
That burning in your head.
I’ll pull the strings I wanna pull.
You’re gonna wish you were dead.

I’m the worm that burrows
and makes its residence.
Though you’d love me,
Escape takes precedence.
You’ve been pissin’ and blowing smoke
You’ve been the meek and the blind
You ate the crow and you f***in’ choked
Now I’ve only got this axe to grind