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Ok so you're at the cinema or in an auditorium of some sort. For some reason you have to get up and shuffle over to the aisle.
Do you turn your butt to everyone else or do you show them your crotch?

I tend to show them my rear end because I imagine it would be nicer than having some guy's groin area in your view.
yeah anyone going front is weird. you run the risk of making eye contact in what is an uncomfortable situation.

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I've been in lectures where someone would squeeze by with their front facing me. It's especially uncomfortable when their waist is at eye level and you're trying to pay attention to the professor.
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Front because I don't want my butt to hit someone in the face

This question doesn't apply to you I would think.
I just get up and walk out normally, once 1 person gets stepped on the rest get out of the way pretty fast.
Show my butt. I haven't been in a theater/stadium in ages though and when I do go to a theater it's usually empty.

The past times when I have gone to a baseball or WWE event I've had end seats so I didn't have to squeeze through anyone. I am going to an arena football game soon so I'll figure it out depending where my seat is.
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yeah I turn to show my arse as well.

I also try to fart.

Good to know there still someone that practices proper elevator etiquette.
Back, but usually i am going to sit at the giant tables that serve as desks in my college so i'm actually behind the people i'm going to be sitting with idk if that changes things whoooOOOAaaa

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This question doesn't apply to you I would think.

Why not? I do have to walk past people when I'm in the middle of the row i can't just teleport out
Front because I've got junk in my trunk

Actually, I never really noticed because I never do it.
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Quote by guitarxo
Why not? I do have to walk past people when I'm in the middle of the row i can't just teleport out

But if you could that would be pretty cool
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Back because I want to give them a treat. Well, either side is pretty excellent. That whole equator has some of my strongest attributes.
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Just stand up and shuffle sideways like a crab.

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wtf is a selfie? is that like, touching yourself or something?
Backflip over them

Nahh this never happens to me because I'm the early bird. Instead I get asses and crotches shoved to my face
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Depends how she looks. If ugly from rear for sure

I think you read the question wrong man...
I give them my crotch. It's more intimate, but I prefer if someone else passing doesn't shove his/her butt in my face.

Also, the poll is unclear, does front mean to face the sitting people with your front, or regarding to the cinema's orientation, to be looking to the front or to the back.
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Why not? I do have to walk past people when I'm in the middle of the row i can't just teleport out

It's not really about tel... Nevermind.
I once heard that the correct etiquette in this situation is to 'face the person you are passing.'
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I always think ahead and always get aisle seats. I like to get up and get copious booze and food at ball games for instance so it's never a problem.
Long as I'm wearing pants I don't see that it's an issue. What kind of cinema is this anyway?
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Just move it around the fretboard
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Back. When you're getting up you don't suddenly do a 180 to get out.
Yeah, turning 180° just takes so much time, so when I have a day off, I usually face the same direction all day to save precious time.
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Back, so I can fart in their faces as I go past them.

Granted I don't typically get up in those situations. I can sit for a few hours without the need to get up for any reason.
Sideways, one foot in front of the other with arms out for balance. Like i'm doign a DUI field sobriety test.
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