Hello everyone, I'm new in this great forum and I have a question for you...

I have a guitar, is a Cruiser By Crafter, so the question is: how can I solder the humbucks and single coil to the potentiometers and plug, or what's the best way to do it?

The features are:

- 2 Humbuckers (serial connection, two cables) and 1 single coil (HSH)
- 1 volume knob, and 1 tone knob
- 5 way pickup selector

This is the guitar's picture if it's any reference:

I hope you can help me, thanks in advance.
Are the pickups disconnected currently?
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Are the pickups disconnected currently?

Thanks for your answer ...

Yeah currently disconnected, this is because I sent it to repair due to a broken potentiometer, so this guy (the repairman) was attempting to charge me too much, so I thought "I'll try to solder it by myself before spending too much on something that may not be worth anymore", obviously I haven't any idea to how to do it because the repairman disconnected all ...
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This seems like what you need. How many wires do the pickups have?

Thanks a lot but this seems to be for a Fender or something like that.

Humbuckers have a serial connection, two cables, this is the picture:

(Sorry about the cat hair)