look up neuroplactisity. this happens with many different skiills we may learn
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Whether it's playing "Stairway to Heaven" until your fingers bleed or always finding yourself in the center of a group of people intent on singing "Wagon Wheel," some things are common to all guitarists.

All of the research makes it clear that guitarists are just super spiritual, intuitive people. Think about anyone from the Jimmy Page to the Edge right on up to Bon Iver. That sort of intuitive thinking runs all the way to how they learn. Unlike musicians who learn through sheet music, guitarists, according to researchers at Vanderbilt University, get a better grasp of a song by looking at someone playing it rather than reading the notes on paper.

So, guitarists are not musicians?
A poem.
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Wow learning different things makes your brain different from people who know different things? My mind is blown.
As if I need another reason to feel gifted.
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Just wait until they do a study on bass music producer brains

Yeah they might find the biggest link to autism.
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M8 they might find a link between you and jelly

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