I traded one of my parts P Basses for this awesome little beast. I absolutely love it to pieces.

It's a 1967 Fender Coronado Bass II.
Completely hollow unlike the new reissue and with the awesome DeArmond pickups.
Acoustically it's LOUD. Currently wearing newish Thomastik Jazz Flats it's a bit different to the "fake upright" sound you'd expect, played acoustically the bass actually has a bit of it's own top end. Maybe like a more aggressive upright? The round punchiness of an upright is definitely there.
A friend and I recorded a small jam where I had this run into a Wounded Paw Battering ram and him drumming I'll upload when he sends it to me. It sounds HUGE.
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Nice I thought it was one of the newer ones till i saw the wear on the back
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HNBD! I'm super jelly, I loooooooove Coronado's
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