I'm looking for a small portable PA or a Bass amp to use for busking. It has to be battery operated.

I'm happy to pay money for it but am also willing to trade for other gear.

For trade
Mesa Boogie DC50 with snakeskin cover (reverb not working needs a new relay)
Super reverb clone with cathode bias switch and mid boost
Princeton reverb clone
Russian Muff
Blues breaker 2 pedal
Boss compressor upgraded by cmat mods
Hohner SBS harmonicas brand new never played in all 5 keys
Electro harmonix graphic fuzz
Double muff
any guitar pickup you can find on my website
tweed pro clone
Webber mass 150 attenuator
Hum debugger
Yamaha acoustic with solid spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides

Or if you think of something else you might want there is a good chance I have it. what I am willing to trade depends on what pa you have to offer but I'm pretty open minded.

You can contact me here or with my email rockmonkeyguitars@gmail.com
Not taking any online orders.