Hi guys!

Could you give this a listen and see what you think? This is the first time i have 'mixed' a tune with vocals, so any help would be great!

The guitars are my own revolver preset, drums are addictive drums with the metal adpak, bass is a free AU plugin.

Also, any help on getting the snare to come through among the guitars? it sounds great by itself (i think) but gets lost in the mix at some points.


I much prefer the melodic vocals (I don't like growling/screaming vocals). Guitar playing is good. I like the piano outro, that was a surprise....even though there was a piano intro. It becomes easier to be redeemed if you become less wicked. I can't say I noticed the snare disappearing, though you could experiment by lowering the volume on the culprit guitar, using EQ, at a particular frequency, then move that lowered volume around at different frequencies to see if it makes the snare jump out more, but then you run the risk of having a less appealing guitar tone. I think the mix is pretty good. Perhaps you could review my music at this link:

Pretty good man has an August Burns Red feel to it and that is a good thing.