I liked the guitar lead in the song, especially the part towards the end of the song. The tapping at around 3:20 was interesting because it almost sounded more like a synth/arpeggiator at first which was cool.

My only sort of advice on the track would be to remix the drums. The bass kicks sounded way too hard limited or compressed, and it was kind of distracting for the rest of the track.

If you have a little time I'd appreciate it if you checked out my track


As I listen:

I like when tracks were added in at :37; it suddenly creates a big, full sound.

Everything sounds well mixed.

I think for the bridge section starting at 1:45, you should add some reverb or very, very short delay to the snare to help make the section change felt.

For the chorus at 2:30, I think you should add in some extra vocal tracks. Any tracks doing counterpoint during the 3rd and 4th chords of the chorus could help give you an even better layered sound.

Overall, this was awesome.

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