I recently gutted my Ibanez RG7321, I've been planning on rewiring it, but I'm unsure of what parts to get.

I'm going to stick with the stock jack and get some CTS 500k pots, but I'm unsure of what I want in terms of a switch. I want to be able to coil split, preferably outer/inner coils on position 2 and the neck wired in parallel on position 4, with 1,3, and 5 being bridge, both, and neck, respectively.

I'd like to order all my parts from the same website as to cut down on shipping costs.
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Yup, a 5-way megaswitch is gonna be the most elegant solution, although wiring one up is pretty confusing to people that aren't very experienced with guitar wiring.

Another solution is to use your existing switch, but use 2 push/pull pots for series/parallel and coil splitting. Alternatively, it's not too hard to turn a regular pot into a spin-a-split for coil splitting, if you want to go that route.

If you're in the US, I recommend looking at ebay for these things to cut down on shipping.
Im curious about this spin-a-split pot mod your talking about.

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On a side note, I'd like to suggest not using CTS pots. The taper on them is horrible because of the way the connect the lugs to the carbon trace. Get something like bourns they have the good tone you would get from a CTS pot but they also have a smooth taper making them easier to use.
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How do the lug connections affect the taper? Not disputing, just curious. I hate how they connect the lugs to the track by just holding them on with the little tabs. It's really half-assed. Even Alpha rivets the lugs on (though CTS is easier to fix if you heat up the lugs too much).
the wiper can make direct contact with the metal used to secure the lug. As long as the wiper is touching the metal (usualy between 9 & 10) there is no taper. When the wiper is no longer touching the metal there is a scratching sound and a huge drop in volume. After the initial drop, the taper is pretty smooth until you reach the metal on the other side where volume suddenly cuts out
Not taking any online orders.