I bought this distortion pedal in the early 1980s and loaned it to a friend. when he returned it to me the knob on the top left labeled mode had came loose and turned. All 12 wires attached to the back of it had broken off. On the back of the switch it is stamped with numbers 2 through 18. I need someone who has a similar pedal to tell me which colored wires go to which numbers on the switch so I can solder them back on.
Thank you
Here's a schematic. Hope it helps.


Edit: the value of R16 looks wrong. The values on that switch are all symmetrical and 2.8k is not a standard value anyway. It should probably be 1.8k. Can you confirm this in your unit? Just in case someone finds this and wants to build it.
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Thanks invader Jim, but I can't access that link.
This is what I get"The website declined to show this webpage"