Thats the other guitarist and I playing the first half of our song "Wolves". Any feedback, likes, so forth much appreciated.
That's the tape being warbly. We did it on four track. Just sharing the link, donating. Thats pretty much it. lol Our little part of the world doesnt really care for noise rock. Thats one reason we posted the clean half of a song.
Pretty much trying to build a fanbase with no way of showing people our music. It's impossible.
recording on your computer is basically free these days, reaper for example. I would suggest not postig any material until it sounds proper. People are picky and may not give you a second chance.
If I had a way to make it sound proper I wouldnt have started an indiegogo. My computer is shit.
dude we comprehend it, i was recording back in the 90's when all that was available to me was a four track tape. the options no are endless. you can even for under 200 I believe purchase a tascam dp 08. Look into it. then import tracks to a computer daw if you like to only do mixing and extra effects. you asked for help, which I am giving you. Sorry if you dont like the response.
I mean i appreciate it. Don't get me wrong. We recorded that on a four track from the 80's and then used adacity to turn it into wav. I'm just not down really with the diy thing, I would rather go to a studio where someone gets paid to make it sound it's VERY best. My other bands have used the four track and audacity to death, the thing is you can still tell no matter how hard we try that it was a diy project. The little nuances and such.
No home recording Ive ever heard without 6000 dollars worth of equipment has any depth to it at all.