Desiree - an original song written and recorded by Gary Hodgins AKA Axe6st
You can check it out here, It is copyrighted
Vocals still need some work though, so please be kind with your comments regarding that. LOL
I would love to hear your opinions though. It's a balad style, kind of softish rock.
side chain compression would help out your vocal try and eq out some of the harsher edges of your guitar tone, bring your drums up a bit. other wise i liked it, its a bit sloppy but i like that, the auto wah was a bit excessive but if thats your thing then rock on.
vocoderboy, Thank you. This is my first song I wrote music to, also my first attempt at recording. And I'm obviously not that well versed in using the recording software I am using. It does have those features, so I'll dig back into it and try your suggestions.
Thanks for your suggestions and honest opinion.