I have a chance to pick up an Epi Elitist LP Standard Plus for $700 w/ case. I did a lot of research on these a long time ago, but never had a chance to play one so didn't pull the trigger. Just a couple of questions:

$700 is a fiar/good price for this guitar w/ case, right? Ebay and a national Craigslist search yielded no usable results.

How are the necks?
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That'd be a pretty sweet deal if eveything is on the level. I'd work out a return policy with the guy before I pulled the trigger though.
The only Elitist Epiphones I've ever played were Casinos, and they were all stellar in all respects, including the necks and fretwork. I can't say for sure about the Elitist LPs, but $700 for any MIJ guitar is an absolute steal in my eyes. I wouldn't hesitate to take the dive and pick it up
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$700 for that guitar with a hardshell case is fair, from what I have seen browsing around CL/Ebay it would appear the Standard Plus Elitist is selling for about $1000. So provided this one is in good shape and it feels great in your hands I would say it would be with the asking price; however if it's a private sale certainly try to lowball the person with like a $600 or $650 offer, worst they can do is say no.
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