Solace of Requiem is seeking a professional guitar player either on a permanent or touring
level. Must play a 7 string guitar. Should leave near the east coast or be willing to commute to play 5 or 6 shows starting May 30th. Must have a passport, because in August we will be touring in Europe for at least 3 weeks. If things work out, you can continue to be a full time member or part ways at that point.

We will be releasing a new album this year (recorded at Mana Studios) with the help of a new label and need someone who is extremely talented, energetic, and serious about making music their life. Having experience and the proper image also helps. We are a busy band and need someone dedicated and hard working.

All who are interested please contact me ASAP the material is difficult and we need to begin bringing someone up to speed. The first show is in less than a month!

Contact me at davetedesco@gmail.com


None of the new songs are available yet as the new album is yet unreleased. You will need to contact me for tabs and music.

Dave w/ SOR