Okay, so here's the low-down... I have an (extremely) aged Conrad LP style guitar, by Aria (Think I got it right, that's the best I could uncover via net and various guitar techs). Anyway, to the point. While I am doing my best to revive the guitar, as its sound is phenomenal, I am looking into other guitars, but instead of paying a staggering fee, for one pre-built. I am looking to build my own, via DIY kits. I know that it's not necessarily the same, but I'm not looking for the best, of the best. I don't care about that, I just want to have guitar's I like. And after burning through a half-dozen, or so, guitars, I am looking to get one to really take pride in, and build one, myself. I am having a difficult time hunting down one, in particular. I like the Ibanez AR series guitars, with the mirrored cutaway horns. I am looking for one, that has sharp horns, though I'm not above trimming the wood down, to bring them to a point. (I'm seasoned in wood working, so no fear of botching the job). All I can seem to find, or the closest I can get, are PR style kits.. while some of them look the part, I seem to be unable to refine my search for a body style, like what I want. While these aren't bad, the price doesn't counter balance, the amount of work I would need to fix the issues. If anyone knows of any kit that fits my reference, I would be ever so grateful. I would like to find one with binding, either multi or single, body only. (Any more, like neck/headstock, would be a bonus)

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be indebted. I am probably having an issue wording my searches. (as that is the predominant reason for my many troubles)

On the note of guitars, I am looking to custom paint my guitar kit with a crackle finish. Now I have found several products that will achieve this, but they all produce large 'cracks' in the paint, and I'm looking for one that will give me fine lines, as if the paint has been worn, seen too much sun, and has been heated, to cause the paint to crack. If anyone knows of a product that I can use, I would thank you, kindly, to let me know.
A P.S.S., while I wish to reimagine my Conrad, a color change, is in order. It's black, now, and it really messes with me. As you can see anything, and everything, on it. (It's not matte black. I believe it started as a medium gloss, though it has lost its luster, due to its age). So I ask this... What paint is the least damaging/is applied the easiest. I've seen some posts on here, about it, but I don't know, as they were relatively vague on the actual details. I'm looking for a 'wine red', 'emerald green', and 'sapphire blue'. Wine Red will be a matte, or low gloss, finish. Green will be on a guitar with Flame Maple top. Sapphire blue will be on either Flame Maple, or solid with snow burst med. to high gloss. Which paint and sealer do I need?