Hey guys, just looking for opinions on my proposed amp set-up. I will be using an EVH 5150 iii 50w played through its matching 2x12 cab. I use a dunlop 95q wah, MXR CAE boost, Boss Acoustic simulator, MXR EVH Phase 90, and a Korg pitchblack pedal tuner. I am considering buying the TC electronic Mini Hall of Fame reverb, MXR carbon copy delay, and either an ISP Decimator or MXR smart gate for my noise reduction, and the MXR zakk wylde chorus pedal. I want to put the delay and boost in my effects loop so i can click the switch for instant delay and extra gain for solos. I play a lot of shred (Vai, Gilbert) and blues (Vaughan, Bonamassa), classic rock, and metal(A7X, Metallica, Pantera). Any thoughts, concerns, or advice is welcome in this thread and greatly appreciated. Please help steer me in the right direction if I've got any mistakes, and help with the order/chain of my effects would also be a great help.
Sounds like a good setup, however personally I'm not bothered about the acoustic sim, not sure what the CAE boost is, I'd probs just go for TS, I'd not be too bothered about the chorus, and I'd get both the full sized TC HoF and flashback delay X2.
Sounds like a solid setup. I'd also go the fullsize HOF over the mini. Pretty much the same price and just a lot more practical. That and the carbon copy are both great pedals, I miss them slightly
Personally I wouldn't bother with the noisegate but thats up to you.
How are you powering it all?
The reason I'd get the mini HOF is because I'm on a budget and it's $30 or so cheaper. I just didn't know if I should get a noisegate to block out feedback between notes etc. I want that carbon copy pedal so much! Haha. I currently power it all by a 1-Spot, yet I think I'll be getting a voodoo lab pedal power unit.
To ambler3, the CAE boost is a clean signal boost (to a certain extent) used to regain lost signal or give you that increased edge during solos.