Recently I've noticed that when the volume pot is all the way up on my Ibanez RG, there is a slight volume and gain drop off, and the attack totally loses it's edge. Everything sounds very soft and round (don't know how else to describe). Palm mutes sound muddy, and sustain drops off massively.

If I roll it back slightly I can hear the gain flare up again, and it sounds a bit better, but there is still too much roundness in the tone, considering the fact that I'm using bareknuckle nailbombs.

Any ideas what could be causing this? I'm suspecting lose wiring somewhere.

Ibanez RG1550 with Bareknuckle Nailbombs and Mothers Milk
1976 Gibson SG Standard
Peavey 6505
Framus 2x12 (V30s)

Sound like a faulty pot. Can you take a photo of the wiring? If it's working at a lower setting I'd doubt it's the wiring, but can't hurt to check.

In any case, a relatively easy and cheap fix.
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Get some Deoxit at the hardware store and spray it inside the pot. I dont how old your guitar is and maybe youve allready tried this but it is where i would start. The resistor inside the pot might be dirty and this will clean it. If that doesnt work it sounds like a bad pot. You can check the resistance of the pot with a DMM to make sure. I think if it is a wiring problem the pot would not work at all but what do i know.