I've got a pignose 7-100 which is in nearly new condition but the box has seen better days. I'm looking for 60 quid including shipping if you are in the UK.

Here is a video that explains the amp and features better than i can (it's not my video)


I can email pics of the actual amp to anybody that is interested.

The amp does not come with a 9V adaptor (pignose sells them separately) so it has to be run on batteries. Normally a pignose can not run on rechargeable batteries but I modified this one so it can. You get the choice of running it with 8 rechargable AA or 6 regular non rechargable AA.

I got this amp because I wanted to use it for harmonica when busking but it doesn't have enough bass for my style of harmonica playing. It's a great practice amp and is also great for busking with an electric guitar.

If you are interested contact me hear or email me at rockmonkeyguitars@gmail.com
Not taking any online orders.