I'm a beginner bass player, and I'm gone buy my own bass (I used my teacher's extra bass till now), and my options are or an ESP LTD B-104 or an Ibanez GSR200. what do you sugest? (also, sorry for my bad english i'm from Israel)
Do you have the option of trying them before you buy? if so, just spend some time with both and see which feels better to you. I myself have never been a fan of ESP basses and wouldn't recommend them, because I feel that the quality control is lacking with some of them.

I personally would go with the Ibanez. The P-J pick up configuration is a more versatile one compared to the B-104. Also the gsr200 is quite well known as a starter bass. There's also a beginners guide on this site you should check out.
The LTD B-104 has a lot going for it: a very sturdy bridge, good neck pocket design, and a long top horn so that the bass balances better when you wear it from a strap while standing up. I think it would be a better choice than the Ibanez. ESP and their LTD brethren's basses do not get as much credit as they should; probably because ESP and LTD are so thoroughly known for making "shred" guitars.

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It's a good question, but I would have to lean towards the ESP. I haven't played the particular model, but the ESPs that I have played I liked a lot. I have, however, played the Ibanez, and, while still a good bass, would have to choose the ESP if given the option. In my experience, ESP instruments are well built and just don't get the recognition that they deserve.

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Get the ESP since it has a better bridge material wise and has more tonal options with it 2-band eq.
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