Well, this is a song for a split I will do this summer with some italian bands. I tried to make the guitar sound heavier than it was in other earlier songs, but to keep the same atmospheric sound with ambient influences. I hope it is a good song! The crits are welcome! C4C as always! So i'm wainting for crits and advices!

P.S. The title of the song isn't the final title.
The ambient intro is nice, I have no complaints about it. Beautiful progression that works well. I also really like the Verse 1, especially when the third guitar kicks in. Nice, crushing but still really atmospheric. The break was a bit underwhelming, maybe if it has some crushing vocals on top of it it would be more interesting. Right now it's just bland. The Interlude starts off nice, but at bar 98 it becomes really generic. I feel it loses a lot of it's atmosphere there. The buildup then is really beautiful, maybe it could be more gloomy, but it's a good part. Second verse is also a great part, probably my favourite part so far with Verse 1. Interlude 2 then is really boring imo, worst part so far. It gets a bit better towards the end, but the start of the interlude is not my thing. Verse 3 and the ending are okay.

Overall, it's a good song. I'm a big funeral doom fan, I like bands like Skepticism, Ahab and Doom:VS. This wasn't as funerary as them, actually this reminded me more of melodic doom bands like Swallow the Sun, but I still liked the atmosphere of the song. It will surely sound better on record.