I and my band planned to contribute to play in our seniors' school graduation. The song we chose is I'm Goin' Mad, from Scorpions' first album, Lonesome Crow.

The rhythm is no problem. But, we got difficulties in its solo play. Actually, we are used to learning with Songsterr . Its "tab with player" feature really helped us for years. Unfortunately, we didn't find the song there.

We looked for the tab and found one without the player feature at Ultimate-Guitar.Com . We aren't used to learning without the player feature, but we just tried it. Hoola, it sounded strange when we tried to play it.

So, I would like to ask for the tab with player, please. If player feature seems not convenient, you could teach us with video.
Thank you
just improv it man, uli would dig that. it is in what eminor? i forget the progression but im almost certain there is a d and an a in there. very simple
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