I have a charvel so cal I bought used with the 1 volume knob being a push pull. Its wired in a wacky way and the seller cant remember how his tech did it but its not wired as a standard coil tap or parallel wiring when volume knob is pulled. Its some combination of coils on all toggle switch positions. The pu's are dimarzio d activator's and what im looking for is to tap all three pu's when pulled up. Either by turning off a coil or putting them in parallel mode. I cant seem to find the right diagram and im extremely dumb when it comes to this but I really wanna do this myself. Btw, what do you guys think, to have the pull pot turn the respective coils off or have it go to a parallel mode? When tapped, id mostly be using it for clean to mid driven tones. Probably not for high gain sounds so the hum is probably not an issue. Thanks for any help you all can give me!
Ps ... It would be cool if i get get the two inside cools in the middle tapped position to reoresent the 2 notch position in a strat ( bridge and middle) thanks!
If I understand your request correctly, you want to coil-tap three pickups with a single push-pull pot? If so, that is not possible. Tapping three pickups requires a 3-pole switch. Push-pull pots have only two poles.

Can you make a neat diagram of the current wiring? It may be something useful.

Does this look like it would work? Do i have an option of making the pu's put in parallel when push pull is engaged? And would someone explain the diagram in " for idiot" terms? Plus, wouldnt i want a north north split instead of this north for neck, south for bridge?
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That diagram will work. Switching the individual humbuckers between series and parallel will require a 4-pole switch or two separate push-pull pots.

As for the north/north split, it depends on whether there will be any phasing issues.

What specifically do you want to know about how the diagram works?
I guess I was sorta hoping for tie the red and green together then bla bla.... Wishful thinking. I found the diagram but needed the walk through instrucions to go with it. So if i can follow this diagram will I get hum when both pick ups are split and played together? ( middle pos). Will they be in series like the 2 position of a strat? In phase, out of phase? Idk. Will it sound like a strat ( ish) or just a weaker tone of both buckers played together normally and finally, do you have anything cool or creative I can do with this set up? Thanks SO much for your input!
Whether the middle position remains in-phase and cancels hum depends on what pickups you have and which coils remain active. This should cancel hum and should be in-phase. They will be in parallel and sound somewhat like a strat but since they're much farther apart it will probably sound closer to a tele. It won't sound exactly like a strat or tele though because the coils are of physically different dimensions and construction.

Not really anything creative to do with such a simple setup. Pretty straightforward.
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