Poll: Do you shave your chest?
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11 9%
68 57%
i cant grow hair on my chest (toddler status)
27 23%
TS is a ******* knob
14 12%
Voters: 120.
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Do you shave your chest?

If yes, pls explain why.

If no, please explain why not.

edit: I do because i hate being hairy.
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I use to because I barely get any chest hair so it looks better without any. But I did stop in hopes of it eventually growing full and thick.
No because there's really no point in doing so. For me anyways. Besides, it's not like a full thing of hair, it's just a patch. One masculine looking patch.
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as much as I hate being hairy, shaving my chest is annoying and I don't like how that looks either. I did it once to see. I recently trimmed it though, and I like that. it's less hairy and doesn't have the bad things about shaving
Some parts of my chest grow ridiculously long hair so I shave those bits sometimes

otherwise no
ggg1 ggg3

No, because there's not enough for it to look bad, and just enough for it to not matter.

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During the season I do because if I get my shoulder taped, no chest hair makes it a lot less painful
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there is no hair on my chest because im not sasquatch

hah nah because I'm a bloody man
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I have a scraggly patch of hair in the middle of my chest. Really not worth shaving. I have hairs that grow around my nipples though. I trim those every now and then because it look ugly.

It's actually strange; waist down, I'm 110 % man, and nothing waist up. My legs are quite hairy. They grow a better beard then my face.
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I can't be bothered, and even if I were, I'd think of the winter cold as a reason to keep it.
not much to shave there. sometimes when i get a rogue hair that grows faster than all the others, i pluck it
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I don't shave or trim it because it's not a crazy amount and my GF likes it.
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Nah. It's not covering my entire chest. It's just a patch shaped like an upside down triangle. I did shave it, I would have to do my entire chest and stomach. The hair there is a little more than peach fuzz but not quite worthy of shaving.
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The irritation I get just on my neck and face sometimes means shaving my entire chest would be a massive NOPE
shaved the hair around my nips once

f dat sheit
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I do not shave my chest. I own it with pride.
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im brown, so i naturally have A TON of hair (facial and chest). I never shave that shit. I only want to attract women who like manly men. None of those teenage pussy chicks who like cute little manlets. Fuk those hoes.

Manly looking guys hook up with women, not girls.
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I have very little black hairs so it looks like I have a dark glow around my chest and legs, it looks weird, but no, there isn't enough to even bother shaving.
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I kindof have a hairy chest. Like a big tuft right in between my pectorals that leads all the way down to a happy trail.
I don't shave because I don't care

I just pluck out rogue hairs that make no sense.
Like what the f*ck why are they even there?
No because I don't have any chest hair. Also you just made me check to see if I did.

Wait no I have 2 or 3 baby hairs but they're soft and cute and nearly invisible so they can stay
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I have no hair on my chest because it's not the 80's anymore

You're just jealous that Humans have chest hair, unlike Salarians.
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