I recently purchased a Taylor 214ce guitar from Guitar Center and I must say I absolutely love almost everything about this guitar. It sounds and plays amazingly acoustic; however my main concern is when I plug it in. Whenever I plug the guitar in I am getting almost no low sounds. The high end almost screams and the lows barely speak. I can turn the low tone adjustment knob all the way up and the high tone knob all the way down and my lows still barely speak.

I use my guitar mainly to lead worship in a church setting and very rarely do I use it acoustically aside from just practicing. For my purposes I need this thing to sound as good through the sound system in church as it does acoustically. I have purchased a feedback buster as most websites suggest because the Taylor pickups are so sensitive the guitar creates a lot of feedback, but of course that doesn't help me with the sound quality. I generally plug into the board through a DI box and whenever I eq it through a soundboard I can turn the lows all the way up and the highs all the way down, but it just sounds weird. Is there maybe an issue with the pickups I have on my particular guitar and I need to exchange it or is this a common occurrence with this guitar and is there an easy cost efficient solution?
It sounds like there might be a problems with the guitars electronics. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't your guitar have a bass, treble, and volume knob? It is most likely a problem with the pot that controls bass. It'll have a short in it so it sounds like it's turned all the way down when it isn't. If it's not that it could be another issue with the guitars preamp.

Final problem, which is the least likely, is that the pickups (a taylor guitar uses 2 or 3 and blends them) have not been installed correctly. If the two pickups that function like little mics are not properly plugged in AND your undersadle pickup is not making solid contact with the saddle under the bass strings it's possible that it's only detecting the high strings. This last one is very unlikely but possible.

Regardless of the problem, your guitar is under warranty and if you are not getting bass when plugged in something is wrong. Take it in and get it fixed.
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