Hey guys I'm looking for a great guitar method starting from the very beginning for my step son, I think he would probably prefer video but books would be okay too if they are really good. Any suggestions?
This is probably the best place to start in my opinion, it's what I always recommend to beginners:

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It depends what you want him to be

But books would be to boring I think.
Videos are interactive and the internet is good for asking things or finding usefull things.

With books you're limited to what is written.

Of course, beginners theory is necessary, I hope you're not planning to enroll him into a classical music school (?). Schools tend to be dogmatic (my experience though) and people have no fun to study an instrument as if it's their job.
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Yea, not exactly what I was looking for I already know it is a good idea to learn.


It depends on what kind of music you want him to play. I bought Guitar World's Beginning Hard Rock & Metal when I was starting out and that was pretty good, but I love metal so idrk.

I definitely think DVDs are more entertaining than books.
Are you a guitar player yourself? I'm going to assume you are if you've been here for four years.

Here's how my Dad got me into guitar and I learned the basics VERY fast. A lot faster than videos would have done because I had someone there to sit with me and show me exactly what I was doing wrong. Videos and books can't give you that.

I think you should start out by teaching him some basic open chords. Save power chords for later as open chords will be a great bridge into teaching him the CAGED system once he gets comfortable barring.

Teach him how to fret the notes and what they're supposed to sound like when they're fretted correctly. Make sure you include the F Major chord. Teach him the easy way AND the hard way (barring) and have him work his way up to barring it. Find some songs that he'll be able to play with those chords (there are hundreds upon thousands of them out there. I started with Zep and Floyd) so it's not so dry and he feels like he's making progress being able to play an actual song.

Give him constructive criticism on rhythm and proper technique, and most importantly: JAM WITH HIM. Encourage him to find music he likes and introduce him to Tabs and Youtube for when he wants to learn songs you don't know how to play. Teach him the pentatonic scale, the blues scale, and the major scale. All the basics.

You'll basically be giving him introductory lessons but in a far better environment because you know the kid, and then you'll be able to set him free onto his journey once he has a grasp on how the instrument works.

It'll also probably be a good bonding type thing between the two of you

Anyway, like mentioned before, Justinguitar gives GREAT lessons as well and I would recommend supplementing his learning with it.

Good luck!
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