So I haven't left the post rock thread very much in the last year. I've been slowly making my way back out and jumping into other threads.

This passed weekend I had a pretty cool trade happen though and I thought I would share my new amp as well as some clips and a small review.

Well here we go.

For those of you familiar with the band La Dispute, this passed weekend I met up with the guitarist that recently left to go to school to be a luthier, Kevin Whittemore.
I traded him my Mesa Roadster for his modified Verellen Skyhammer!

Kept the image reasonably small.

I was incredibly stoked because I was actually in love with my Roadster but offered it up just to see if he was interested or not. He told me he had actually been looking into a Roadster! Lucky me.
So I went to Grand Rapids and met up with him and it was a damn good time.

On to the amplifier. The damn headshell alone rules. The baltic birch is beautiful. The spalted maple front baffle is awesome and I love the branded logo.

Kevin said he had a couple things adjusted. The amp has fewer gain stages, which works for me because Ben makes some damn gainy amps. In addition to that there was a bright switch added to the clean channel which I found has been very useful for using dirt pedals. Makes everything so much livelier. Loving the clean tone on this amp. It also has a crunch mode on the clean channel, but I haven't explored it too much due to the volume boost it gives. Could be cool for lead stuff. It's footswitchable as well.
The dirty channel still has plenty of gain on tap and is clear as hell. You'll hear in the demo that I can get six string chords to sing pretty clear. It's amazing. I'm very happy with it. Nothing ultra high gain, but it could be boosted into some pretty high gain sounds easily.
The tube driven fx loop rules. I'm also loving the footswitch. TRS cable, 14 gauge cold rolled steel. Baltic birch side panels. It's beautiful and the switches seem solid.

I'm incredibly happy with this Verellen. Took a pretty big risk with how happy I finally was with my Roadster. Worked out well though. As promised, here's a quick playthrough of it.

Thanks guys. I was really stoked to pull it. Definitely a huge change of pace from the Roadster, but I didn't even realize how much I missed the simplicity of other amps. That Roadster had a lot going on. hahaha
wow sweet
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So I sold the Guytron to my buddy and I'm thinking about picking up a Mesa Three Quarter Back 2x12. I used to own one back in the day and used it with my Sunn Spectrum I and Model T Reissue. I dug it, but any reason I shouldn't scoop it up?
That headshell is really something else. And the footswitch reminds me of those new Moog pedals, also looks extremely good.

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HNAD man.
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Love you, Mike!!!

And you really don't. They ****ing rule and Ben has some of the best customer service in the damn game. So nice.
very nice


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This amp is screaming russian circles for me.

HNAD dude
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Absolutely stunning piece of kit, HNAD
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