Hello and thanks for looking... I'm new here and stumbled across this forum a few days back. Here's my dilemma. A few weeks back, my MacBook finally died. I have been using GarageBand to record and have gotten some decent results. My problem now is, the computer is too old to fix, and I can't afford a new one. So I'm wondering, if I drop 100$ on a tascam 6 track, can I expect similar results? I plan on recording guitars, bass, digital drums (or drum tracks) and vocals. As far as gear, I have an 8 channel Samson mixer, a decent condenser mic, and a zoom G3 processor. So I was just wondering how good the quality is on those little 6 and 8 track tascam recorders. Thanks in advance
Well the quality of the audio will not really be bad, though having a daw, with all the effects and the editing options and all sorts of stuff like that is hella convenient.
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